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Quarantined Hiker Not Yet Bored Enough To Learn CalTopo

PINEDALE, WY - Local hiker Buzz Moore has been held captive by his local government in his small town of Pinedale, Wyoming for nearly two months now. Buzz, an avid hiker on the weekends, spent his time pre-lockdown running a screen printing shop in town where he printed kitschy shirts with phrases like 'This Fly Rod Is A Pipe Bomb'. Unfortunately, Big Government deemed his business 'non-essential' leaving him locked up in his studio with nothing but his Dinosaur Jr. records and a fresh roasted bag of Kenya AA single origin coffee. Buzz told ULJ, "It's not too bad [the coffee], but the roast date is over a month old and the local shop in town hasn't been roasting since lock down"

Buzz, who lives centered from the major trailheads of the Wind River Range recently expressed interest in exploring off trail travel in the nearby range. "Honestly, it was Jan from Nunatak and their trip report from the Winds that got me hooked on the idea. I had only ever stuck to designated trails when out there."

Buzz knew of a mapping tool called CalTopo from reading more advanced trip reports on r/ultralight. "It seems like the guys using this program really know what they are doing, but to be honest, every time I open a CalTopo link I couldn't tell you what the fuck I was even looking at..."

CalTopo at its core is a powerful backcountry navigational mapping tool. [CalTopo did pay us for this article] Many of the worlds most accomplished hikers turn to CalTopo for trip planning and research. ULJ's most loved outdoorsmen, Andrew Skurka, has gone as far as offering tutorials on how to use CalTopo.

Buzz spent a rainy Tuesday afternoon reading multiple tutorials and playing around with Caltopo. "At one point I thought I might be able to map a route but I couldn't even read the map that was up on my screen, it turns out I wasn't even in the Winds, I was somewhere out east called 'Pisgah National Forest' which looked busted as fuck.'

15 minutes later he gave up on the idea of learning Caltopo. Buzz ended our conversation saying, "More power to those who care to learn how to use that bullshit. I've gone my entire backpacking life [2 years] without following a little red line. Plus, the maps I cant read are far lighter than the phone I would be exporting the maps to anyways. So suck on that, bitches"

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