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OutdoorGearLab.com Adds 'Instagramability' Category To Gear Reviews

Cheyenne, Wyo - OutdoorGearLab is excited to announce the launch of our new class for grading gear just in time for the holiday gift-buying season.

OutdoorGearLab, the industry leader “in the world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of outdoor gear.” is adding a sorely needed category to rate gear: Instagramability.

Most outdoor consumers pay some attention to price, durability, weight, function, and value for the money. But our deep-dive consumer research readily proves the most consumers are interested in how their gear “pops” for their Instagram accounts.

Looking good on the slopes in Aspen, at the crag in Bishop, and how well your clothing pairs with your post-ride meal in Moab, are the crucial factors of rating gear.

Our "Instagramability" rating will help the consumer purchase their equipment and clothing that fits their needs beyond mere functionality.

Does the consumer care if their backpacking stove puts out 10,000 BTUs while using a mere .5 oz of fuel? Of course not. They want to know how good their stove looks when they compose their artful photo ops while strumming a guitar by their campfire with questionable legality. OutdoorGearLab's examples of research conclude that all clothing should complement artificially whitened teeth, carefully tousled hair, one-day "permastubble" beard growth for men, and mandatory wool beanies and flannel shirts for all people posted in photos. Even in July.

OutdoorGearLab plans to launch our "12 Days of Holiday Consumerism" campaign starting on Dec 13th with targeted ads on social media. Outdoorgearlab feels this new category should work effectively for #vanlife aficionados, Arcteryx purchasers, and those pining for reservations at James Beard Award-winning restaurants equally; with these groups typically being one and the same.

2020 is looking great for all gear buyers. And OutdoorGearLab's new Instagrambaility rating is a big reason why!