• Ultralight Jerk

Opinion: Human And Animal Rights Violations Don't Matter If The Gear Is Cheap And Light

Entitled ultralight backpackers in the community like to give people shit for buying gear from Aliexpress. Today's outrage culture has emboldened people to shame others over the simple acts of "supporting slave wages" and "inhumane animal treatment." But you know what? Human and animal rights violations don't matter if the gear is cheap and light.

We are out here to hike with the lightest pack possible not the lightest conscience and wallet out on trail. If my tent was made by some child - who has a job I might a add - who cares as long as it is UL and under $20?

I recently bought a sleeping bag from Aliexpress. While I am allergic to chickens and the bag makes me sneeze, you simply can't beat a 16oz sleeping bag for $50.

To all you ultralight SJWs out there who want to shame people like me into spending massive amounts of money for cottage backpacking gear, check your privilege. Not all of us can afford to not exploit slave labor and torture animals. Aliexpress backpacking gear creates jobs for recent graduates of the 5th grade and only contributes to killing animals nobody wants anyway.

Cheap, Ultralight, Ethical - pick two and shut up.