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Man Commits To Permanent Hiker Trash Lifestyle By Getting Terrible PCT Tattoo

Bend, OR - Cameron Maguire, 28, solidified his commitment to the “hiker trash” lifestyle by getting a PCT tattoo.

Cameron stated “Look, thru-hiking is more than just walking out in nature for weeks at a time. It’s about the friends you make and the experiences you have, It’s also about letting people know you are fellow “hiker trash”. “

Pausing to wipe down the counter at the coffee shop where he works as a barista, Cameron further added: “I had an awesome time on the PCT and I want some ink as awesome as my time on the PCT.”

Cameron lifted his Prana Zion pants over his blue Altra Lone Peak to show his new tattoo.

Upon inspection of the tattoo on Cameron’s right calf, the depicted scene of the Pacific Crest Trail is a bit hard to make out.

The tattoo, done by a first-year tattoo artist for a discount, with a generic looking mountain scene that might be Mt. Hood, the Sierra, or perhaps the Caucasus range, is accented by a mountain lake that looks more green than blue. Or perhaps it is grass? It’s too hard to tell.

The blotchy tattoo is further accented by the words “Pacific Crest Trail” written with different size lettering. Though the tattoo artist made a valiant attempt at replicating the well-known PCT emblem, even a casual perusal of the tree makes a person wonder if it is somehow an arrowhead, a missile launching, or perhaps a potty trowel?

The final touch under the scene is Cameron’s trail name written in some sort of vaguely cursive-looking script. The trail name is hard to make out; the reader can assume that the name is “Sponge Bob” but the script makes the name look more like “Spooge Bib.”

Once Cameron rolled down his pants leg and served the ordered double espresso to the waiting customer, Cameron went on to give more information about his tattoo:

“I am not concerned about the aesthetics, you know? It’s the meaning behind this tattoo that I care about. Besides people only see this tattoo when I hike. And what’s the point of hiking unless it is thru-hiking?”

Cameron says he next plans to get a tattoo of the “Wind River High Route” by tattooing Andrew Skurka’s “beans and rice” recipe on his left calf.