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How I Went From A Patreon Supported Wanderluster To Quitting The PCT In Four Days

Updated: Dec 11, 2019

Burlington, VT - Self-identified "Wanderluster" Shelby Kellerston recently posted on Instagram details on how she went from PCT preparation to quitting four days into her hike. Though her time on the PCT amount to a handful of days, the success of her Patreon account only validates her hiking strategy sources report.

On her account, @simplywanderingthewild , Shelby states that:

"Plenty of people thru-hike the PCT with the same photos and stories about trail angels. My readership appreciates a thorough account of my PCT preparation. Whether it's workouts at my CrossFit gym, a detailed eating regimen with locally sourced food at my co-op, shopping trips to REI, or my Bikram Yoga poses. The actual act of hiking does not engage people; the dream of hiking better serves people without the problematic concept of "hiking all day" and all that it entails."

Shelby went on to further state that more donations continue to come into her Patreon account:

“Readers eagerly await my YouTube series on "Gear that worked for me on the PCT," "Gear that didn't work for me on the PCT," "Gear choices I’ll bring when I hike the PCT again”, "Top Ten Memories from my time on the PCT (Sponsored by Prana)", and "Why I Quit the PCT: It's all the patriarchies fault."