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5 Detroit Homes That Cost Less Than a Zpacks Duplex

Ashlin and Brandston are looking to settle down permanently after their thru hike of the Pacific Crest Trail. Ashlin would like something with tall ceilings like the Big Agnes Tigerwall UL3, while Brandston longs to remember their days living out of a Zpacks Duplex. We took them on a tour of the Motor City to check out some homes that provide the homliness of the trail while being cheaper than the 28 square foot garbage bag they've been living in.

This shelter is guaranteed not to get shredded in a hail storm.

Unlike the Duplex's semi-transparent fabric, this shelter has plywood over the windows. Maximum privacy.

The filth inside this shelter will remind you of nights on the trail.

The partial vestibule on this shelter will keep you dry while you cook and you won't have to worry about your Esbit stove melting it.

So much crap strewn about this gem, it'll feel like your pack exploded! I think I see my quilt.